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Guest access to Pinellas records is made available on the Internet by the Clerk of the Circuit Court to allow Pinellas County citizens to view records for personal use. The information available through this system is in compliance with Florida Statutes.


Guest access is limited to 100 transactions per day.


Guest users receive access to adult, traffic case dockets, and Official Records. Access to these records is on a low priority basis to minimize impact on County business systems. Access may be unavailable at certain times due to system maintenance. Click here for outage information.


To provide the best possible service for those that need complete, rapid access to a full range of Pinellas County public records, an Electronic Access Subscription Service is available. (If you already have an electronic access account, click here to login). Subscription service provides:
  1. More rapid response to queries..


  2. A wide range of queries on Court Records, Official Records, and Property records.


  3. Hyperlinks between all relevant records.


Guest usage of the Pinellas records system is monitored based on IP address (your computer's unique "signature" on the Internet). Service will be automatically discontinued for the current day to any IP address that exceeds 100 daily transactions.


Pursuant to Florida Statute 28.2221 (5)(a) the Clerk is not authorized to post records on this site pertaining to military discharges, death certificates, or court records pertaining to Family, Juvenile, or Probate matters.




As authorized by Florida Statutes, PINELLAS COUNTY provides access to public records and information by remote electronic means as an additional way of viewing, inspecting or copying public records. While every effort is made to produce the most accurate information possible, PINELLAS COUNTY makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or timeliness of the information contained on this Website. There may be situations, such as a work in progress, when the information may change, and users should refer to the official version of all documents on which the user intends to rely.


Because access to this information is provided by PINELLAS COUNTY for the convenience of all users, any use or access by a user which adversely impacts the performance of the system or the ability of other users to access information, such as, but not limited to, electronic data harvesting, may result in the termination of that user's access to the information over the Internet.